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Unformatted text preview: prove this Stephano business?" asked Talbot Mims. "Just a second," Sandy said. He opened the door that led to the den and asked Jaynes if he had a minute. Jaynes entered the room, and identified himself to the group. With great pleasure he described in detail the things Stephano had told them about the search for Patrick; the financing of the consortium, the rewards, the tips, the hunt in Brazil, the plastic surgeon, the boys from Pluto, the capture, and the torture. Everything. And all done with money provided by Aricia, Monarch-Sierra, and Northern Case Mutual. And all done solely for their benefit. It was a dazzling performance, one Jaynes himself enjoyed immensely. "Any questions for Mr. Jaynes?" Sandy asked happily as the narrative came to a close. There were none. In the past eighteen hours, neither Shenault of Northern Case Mutual nor Cohen of Monarch-Sierra had been able to determine who in their companies had authorized the hiring of Jack Stephano. It was unlikely they would ever know, now that tracks were being erased. Both companies were large and rich, with lots of shareholders and big ad budgets used to protect their good Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, corporate names. Neither wanted this headache. "Thank you, Mr. Jaynes," Sandy said. "I'm next door if you need me," Jaynes said, as if he would like nothing better than to return and do some more coffin-nailing. His presence was baffling and ominous. Why was the Deputy Director of the FBI in Biloxi, and why did he seem so eager to place blame on them? "Here's the deal," Sandy said when the door was shut. "It's simple, quick, non-negotiable. First, Mr. Shenault, as to Northern Case Mutual, your client's last assault in this little war is an effort to recoup its two and a half million paid to Trudy Lanigan. We prefer that you simply go back home. Dismiss the lawsuit, forget about Trudy, let her live in peace. She has a child to raise, an...
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