Good i will remove the handcuffs first then i will

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Unformatted text preview: uot; "No. He ran, then took the money." "Whatever. So now he wants to cut a deal, huh?" "Of course. Wouldn't you?" "What about the murder?" "That's a state matter, not really your concern. We'll deal with it later." "We can make it our concern." "I'm afraid not. You've got the indictment for the theft of the ninety million. The state of Mississippi has the indictment for the murder. Unfortunately for you, the feds can't come in now and charge murder." Cutter hated lawyers for that very reason. They didn't bluff easily. Sandy continued. "Look, this meeting is a formality. I'm just going through channels, don't want to overstep here. But I'm perfectly ready to start making calls to Washington first thing in the morning. I thought we'd have this chat, and I hoped you would be convinced we're ready to deal. Otherwise, I'm on the phone." "Who do you want?" "Someone with complete authority, FBI and Justice. We'll meet in a large room somewhere and I'll lay out the case." "Let me talk to Washington. But this better be good." They shook hands stiffly, and Sandy left. Thirty-one MRS. STEPHANO was sleeping again. Those bothersome young men in matching dark suits had left their street, and the neighbors had stopped calling with their nosy questions. The gossip over bridge had returned to more normal topics, Her husband was relaxed. She was sleeping soundly when the phone rang at 5:30 A.M. She grabbed it from the night table. "Hello." A stout, firm voice said, "Jack Stephano, please." "Who's calling?" she demanded. Jack was moving under the covers. "Hamilton Jaynes, FBI," came the reply. And she said, "Oh my God!" She placed a hand over the receiver. "Jack, it's the FBI again." Jack turned on a light, glanced at the clock, took the phone. "Who is it?" "Good morning, Jack. This is Hamilton Jaynes. Hate to call so e...
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