Guy had bugs for sandys office and home phones even

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Unformatted text preview: Yes. Over a four-year period." "Tell me about the rewards." "Well, it goes to the heart of the search." "We're listening." "One of the first things we did was to establish a reward for any information about the disappearance of Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Patrick Lanigan. You guys knew about the reward, but you thought the law firm was backing it. We quietly went to the law firm and convinced Charles Bogan to announce the formation of a reward for information. He went public and promised fifty thousand, at first. Our deal with Bogan was that he would secretly notify us if there was any response." "The FBI was not informed of this." "No. The FBI knew about the reward, and approved it. But our agreement with Bogan was kept quiet. We wanted the first shot at any information. We didn't distrust the FBI, we simply wanted to find Lanigan and the money ourselves." "How many men did you have working on the case at this point?" "Probably a dozen." "And where were you?" "Here. But I went to Biloxi at least once a week." "Did the FBI know what you were doing?" "Absolutely not. To my knowledge, the FBI never knew we were involved, until last week." The file in front of Warren certainly reflected this. "Continue." "We heard nothing for two months, three months, four. We raised the reward money to seventy-five, then to a hundred. Bogan got hammered with all the nuts out there, and he passed this along to the FBI. Then in August of '92, he got a call from a lawyer in New Orleans who claimed to have a client who knew something about the disappearance. The guy sounded very legitimate, and so we went to New Orleans to meet with him." "What was his name?" "Raul Lauziere, on Loyola Street." "Did you meet with him?" "I did." "And who else from your firm?" Stephano glanced at his lawyer, who had frozen for the moment and was deep in thought. "This is a secretive bu...
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