He was very busy when his secretary entered his

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Unformatted text preview: y trying to be nice. "Where's that?" Patrick asked, poker-faced. "Yes, well, I thought we should meet and get to know each other. We'll be spending some time together during the next few months." "Don't be so sure of that." "Do you have a lawyer?" "Not yet." "Do you plan to hire one?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Absolutely none of your business." Myers was obviously no match for a seasoned lawyer like Lanigan. He placed his hands on the railing across the foot of the bed, and stared at Patrick with his best effort at intimidation. "Doc says you might be ready to transport in two days," he said. "So. I'm ready now." "There's quite a party waiting on you in Biloxi." "I've been watching," Patrick said, nodding at the television. "Don't suppose you'd want to answer some questions." Patrick snorted his contempt at this ludicrous suggestion. "Didn't think so," Myers said, and took a step for the door. "Anyway, I'll be escorting you home." He tossed a card on the sheets. "Here's my hotel number, in case you want to talk." "Don't sit by the phone." Ten SANDYMcDERMOTT had read with great interest the news accounts of the amazing discovery of his old pal from law school. He and Patrick had studied and partied together for three years at Tulane. They had clerked for the same Judge after they passed the bar exam, and they had spent many hours in their favorite pub on St. Charles plotting their assault upon the legal world. They would build a firm together-a small but powerful firm of hard-charging trial lawyers with impeccable ethics. They would get rich in the process, and they would donate ten hours a month to clients who couldn't afford to pay. It was all planned. Life intervened. Sandy took a job as an assistant federal prosecutor, primarily because the pay was good and he was...
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