He arrived in ponta pora after dark found his beetle

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Unformatted text preview: of course was searching for Patrick. "Where is she now?" Stephano asked. "I don't know," Sandy said. She was in London, but it was certainly none of his business. "We paid a total of one million, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to this mysterious client, and she, or he, delivered. Just like Judas." "It's over. What do you want from me?" "As I said, I'm just curious. One of these days, if you learn the truth, I'd appreciate a call. I have nothing to gain or lose, but I won't rest well until I know if she took our money." Sandy made a vague promise to perhaps one day give a call if he learned the truth, and Stephano left. SHERIFF RAYMOND SWEENEY got wind of the deal during lunch, and didn't like it at all. He called Parrish and Judge Trussel, but both were too busy to talk to him. Cutter was out of the office. Sweeney went to the courthouse to be seen. He parked himself in the hallway between the judges' offices, so that if a deal was struck he would somehow be in the middle of it. He whispered with the bailiffs and deputies. Something was coming down. The lawyers showed up around two with tight lips and solemn faces. They gathered in TrusseFs office behind a locked door. After ten minutes, Sweeney knocked on it. He crashed the meeting with a demand to know what was going on with his prisoner. Judge Trussel calmly explained that there would soon be a guilty plea, the result of a plea bargain, which, in his opinion, and in the collective opinions of everyone present, was in the best interests of justice. Sweeney had his own opinion, which he readily shared. "It makes us look like fools. Folks out there are hot about this, ^bu catch a rich crook, and he buys his way outta jail. What are we, a bunch of clowns?" "What do you suggest, Raymond?" Parrish asked. "I'm glad you asked. First, I'd put him in the county jail and let him sit for a while, same as all prisoners. Then I'd prosecute him to the fullest extent." "For what crime?" "He stole the damned money, didn't he? He bu...
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