He came back then left going west again never east or

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Unformatted text preview: ow. You'll have to ask him. That was none of my business." "Who did you talk to at the United Bank of Wales?" The lawyer snorted his disapproval, but said nothing. "Graham Dunlap, a Brit. A vice president of some sort with the bank." "What did he tell you?" "Same thing he told the FBI. That the money was gone." "Where did it come from?" "Here, in Washington. The wire began at nine-thirty on the morning of March 26, 1992, originating from D.C. National Bank. It was a priority wire, meaning it would take less than an hour for it to land in Nassau. At fifteen minutes after ten, the wire hit the United Bank, where it sat for nine minutes before it was wired to a bank in Malta. From there, it was wired to Panama." "How did the money get wired out of the account?" The lawyer was irritated by this. "This is a waste of time," he interrupted. "You guys have had this information for four years now. You've spent more time with the bankers than my client has." Underhill was unfazed. "We have a right to ask these questions. We are simply verifying what we know. How did the money get wired out of the account, Mr. Stephano?" "Unknown to my client and his lawyers, someone, Mr. Lanigan we presume, had accessed the new offshore account, and had prepared the Malta wiring instructions in anticipation of the money coming in. He prepared bogus wiring instructions from my client's lawyers, his old firm, and rerouted the money nine minutes after it landed. They, of course, thought he was dead, and had no reason to suspect anyone was after the money. The settlement which produced the ninety million in the first place was extremely secret, and no one, with the exception of my client, his lawyers, and a handful of people at the Justice Department, knew exactly when or where the money was wired." "As I understand it, someone was actually at the bank when the money arrived." &q...
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