He claims to have enough evidence to convict aricia

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Unformatted text preview: where Charlie Bogan was waiting behind his desk with his sleeves rolled up. Patrick had managed to bug every office except the senior partner's, a fact Bogan had relied on heavily during the roaring brawls that followed the loss of the money. If Bogan wasn't hi his office, or somewhere in the very near vicinity, it was locked with a deadbolt. His partners had been much too careless, he had reminded them repeatedly. Especially Vitrano, whose phone had been used during those last fateful chats with Graham Dunlap offshore, which was how Patrick had learned the direction of the money. This had been rehashed to the point of near fistfights. Bogan could not, in all fairness, claim he suspected espionage in his own firm. If so, why hadn't he warned his more indifferent partners? He'd simply been cautious, and lucky. Important conversations were held in Bogan's office. It took only seconds to engage the deadbolt. He kept the only key. Not even the janitors could get in without Bogan's presence. Vitrano closed the door firmly and dropped into the soft leather chair across the desk. "I saw the Senator this morning," Bogan said. "He called me to his house." Bogan's mother and the Senator's father were siblings. The Senator was ten years older than Bogan. "Is he in a good mood?" Vitrano asked. "I wouldn't call it that. He wanted an update on Lanigan, and I told him what I knew. Still no sign of the money. He's very nervous about what Lanigan might know. I assured him, as I've done many times, that all communications with him were done in this office, and that this office was clean. So, he shouldn't worry about what Lanigan might know." "But he's worried?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Of course he's worried. He asked me again if there was any document tying him to Aricia, and I again said no." "Which of course is true." "Yes. There are no documents with the Senator's name. Ever...
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