He fixed scalding coffee in styrofoam cups and

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Unformatted text preview: ecause of her. And there was nothing she could do. AFTER A DAY of searching, a Biloxi policeman saw Lance's car leaving the Grand Casino at 10:20 P.M. Lance was stopped and Retained for no valid reason until Sweeney arrived. He and Lance conferenced in the backseat of a flashing patrol car in the parking lot of a Burger King. The Sheriff asked how the dope trade was going, and Lance said business was good. "How's Trudy?" the Sheriff asked, toothpick between his lips. It was a massive struggle in the backseat to see who could be the coolest. Lance even put on his newest Ray-Bans. "She's fine. How's your woman?" "I don't have one. Look, Lance, we've picked up some pretty serious tips that you're in the market for a trigger." "Lies, lies, total lies." "Yeah, well, we don't think so. You see, Lance, all your pals are just like you. Either just off probation or working hard to get back on. Scum, you know. Just scum. Always looking for a dirty buck, always one step ahead of trouble. They hear a good rumor, they can't wait to whisper it to the feds. Might help them with their probation." "That's nice, real nice. I like that." "And so we know you got some cash, you got this woman who's about to lose a bundle, and everything would be great if Mr. Lanigan sorta remained dead." "Who?" "Yeah. So here's what we're doing. Us and the feds. We're puttin' you under surveillance, you and the woman, and Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html we're watching and listening real hard. You make a move, we'll get you. Both you and Trudy will get yourselves in more trouble than Lanigan's in." "I'm supposed to be frightened by this?" "If you had a brain you would be." "Can I go now?" "Please." Both doors were opened from the outside, and Lance was taken back to his car. AT THE SAME TIME, Agent Cutter rang Trudy's doorbell, hoping she was asleep. He had been sitting in a coffee shop in...
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