He hated to argue with her on the phone especially

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Unformatted text preview: not to language tutors." "To others?" Stephano nodded as he glanced at a sheet of paper. "In April of '94, we found a plastic surgeon in Rio who showed some interest in Lanigan's pictures. He toyed with us for a month, and finally convinced us he had worked on Lanigan. He had some photos of his own, before and after shots. He played us perfectly, and we eventually agreed to pay him a quarter of a million dollars, cash, offshore, for his entire file." "What was in the file?" "Just the basics. Clear frontal photos of our man before and after the surgery. It was really odd because Lanigan had insisted on no photos. He wanted no trail whatsoever, just hard cash for the alterations. Wouldn't give his real name, said he was a businessman from Canada who suddenly wanted to look younger. The surgeon heard this all the time, and he knew the guy was on the run. He kept a hidden camera in his office, thus the photos." "Could we see them?" "Certainly." The lawyer was aroused for the moment and slid a manila envelope down the table to Underbill, who opened it and only glanced at the photos. "How did you find the doctor?" "At the same time we were checking language schools and tutors, we were also pursuing other professions. Forgers, plastic surgeons, importers." "Importers?" "Yeah, there's a Portuguese word for these guys, but 'importers' is a very rough translation. They're a shady group of spets who can get you into Brazil and then get you lost-new names, new papers, the best places to live and hide. We found them to be impenetrable. We had pretty much the same bad luck with the forgers. They can't afford to talk about their clients. It's very bad for business." "But the doctors were different?" "Not really. They don't talk. But we hired a plastic surgeon as a consultant, and he gave us the names of some of his sleazier brethren who worked on the nameless. That's how we foun...
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