He knew how the company worked he knew how the

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Unformatted text preview: ick took the settlement agreements and sat at his worktable in the corner, under the television. Carefully, he read every word. Sandy's dinner was fast food from a bag, and he ate it standing beside the bed, watching muted rugby from Australia on ESPN. "Did they squawk at the half a million?" Patrick asked, without looking up. "Not for a minute. Nobody squawked at anything." "Guess we should've asked for more." "I think you have enough." Patrick flipped a page, then signed his name. "Good work, Sandy. A masterful job." "We had a good day. Federal charges are all dismissed, the litigation is settled. Attorneys' fees are taken care of. The kid's future is secure. Tomorrow we'll finish with Trudy. You're on a roll, Patrick. Too bad you've got this dead body in your way." Patrick left the papers on the table and stepped to the window, his back to the room. The shades were open, the window was cracked six inches. Sandy kept eating and watching him. "You have to tell me sometime, Patrick." "Tell you what?" "Well, let's see. Why don't we start with Pepper?" "Okay. I didn't kill Pepper." "Did someone else kill Pepper?" "Not to my knowledge." "Did Pepper kill himself?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Not to my knowledge." "Was Pepper alive when you disappeared?" "I think so." "Dammit, Patrick! I've had a long day! I'm not in the mood for games." Patrick turned around and politely said, "Please, don't yell. There are cops out there, straining to hear every word. Sit down." "I don't want to sit down." "Please." "I can hear better standing up. I'm listening." Patrick shut the window, pulled the shades, checked the locked door, and turned off the television. He resumed his customary position on his bed, sitting, with the sheet pulled to h...
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