He pushed the report away got it just right then read

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Unformatted text preview: id, still working. "The gun stock was covered with Lanigan's prints." Certainly good news, they thought. Now what? PATRICK INSISTED on a different room for all future meetings with his attorney, and Dr. Hayani was quick to make the necessary arrangements. He also requested a wheelchair to transport him to the room on the first floor. A nurse pushed him, past the two deputies sitting benignly in the hall outside his door, past Special Agent Brent Myers, and onto the elevator for the brief ride to the first floor. One of the deputies trailed along. The room was one used by doctors for staff meetings. The hospital was small and the room appeared to be used sparingly. Sandy had ordered the antibugging scanner Patrick had mentioned, but it wouldn't be in for a few days. "Please rush it," Patrick said. "Come on, Patrick. Surely you don't think they would bug this room. No one knew we would use it until an hour ago." "We can't be too careful." Patrick stood from the wheelchair and walked around the long conference table, walked without any limp whatsoever, Sandy noted. "Look, Patrick, I think you should try and relax a little. I know you've been on the run for a long time. You've lived in fear, always looking over your shoulder, I know all that. But those days are over. They caught you. Relax." "They're still out there, okay? They have me, but not the money. And the money is much more important. Don't forget that, Sandy. They won't rest until they have the money." "So who might be bugging us here? Good guys or bad? Cops or crooks?" "The people who lost the money have spent a bloody fortune trying to find it." "How do you know?" Patrick merely shrugged as if it were time to play games again. "Who are they?" Sandy asked, and there was a long pause, one similar to those used by Leah when she wanted to change the subject. "Sit down," Patrick said. They sat on opposite sides of the table. Sandy removed the thick file Leah had given him four h...
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