He said he was ready i asked him how fast our car was

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Unformatted text preview: be back tomorrow, and you'll tell me everything." He opened the door and left. THE TAIL had first been noticed two days earlier by Guy as they were leaving a casino. A familiar face turned away a little too quickly. Then a car followed them a bit too aggressively. Guy had experience in such matters, and he mentioned it to Benny, who happened to be driving. "It's gotta be the feds," Guy had said. "Who else would care?" They made plans to leave Biloxi. The phone lines were disconnected in the rented condo. They sent the other boys away. They waited until dark. Guy left in one car, headed east to Mobile, where he would spend the. night watching his rear and then catch a plane in the morning. Benny went west, along the Coast on Highway 90, then across Lake Ponchartrain into New Orleans, a city he knew well. He watched closely, but saw nothing behind him. He ate oysters in the French Quarter, then caught a cab to the airport. He flew to Memphis, then to O'Hare, where he hid most of the night in an airport lounge. Then on to New York at dawn. The FBI was in Boca Raton, watching his home. His Swedish live-in was still there. She would bolt soon, they figured, and be much easier to follow. Thirty-six NO RELEASE had ever gone as smoothly. Eva walked out of the detention center a free woman at 8:30 A.M., in the same jeans and button-down she'd worn into the place. The guards were nice; the clerks were surprisingly efficient; the supervisor even wished her well. Mark Birck whisked her to his car, a handsome old Jaguar he'd scrubbed inside and out for the occasion, and nodded to their two escorts. "Those are FBI agents," he said to her, pointing with his head at two gentlemen waiting in a car nearby. "I thought we were through with them," she said. "Not quite." "Am I supposed to wave hello or something?" "No. Just get in the car." He opened the door for her, closed it gently, for a second admired the fre...
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