He saved the best for last he reached into his

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Unformatted text preview: ked to your doc. Great news, man, you're going home. You'll be released tomorrow. I've got orders to bring you back. We'll leave in the morning. Your government is giving you a special flight back to Biloxi on a military plane. Isn't that exciting? And I'll be with you." "Could you leave now?" "Sure. See you early in the morning." "Just leave." He bounced from the room and closed the door. Luis was next, arriving quietly with a tray of coffee and juice and sliced mangoes. He slid a package under Patrick's mattress, and asked if he needed anything else. No, Patrick said, thanking him softly. An hour later, Sandy arrived for what he thought would be a long day of digging through the past four years and finding answers to his countless questions. The television went off, the shades opened, the room brightened up as the day began. "I want you to go home, immediately," Patrick said. "And take these with you." He handed over the package. Sandy sat in the only chair, flipping through the photos of his naked friend, taking his time. "When were these taken?" he asked. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Yesterday." Sandy made a note of this on a yellow legal pad. "By whom?" "Luis, the orderly." "Who did this to you?" "Who has custody of me, Sandy?" "The FBI." "So, I think the FBI did it to me. My own government tracked me down, caught me, tortured me, and is now hauling me back. The government, Sandy. The FBI, Justice Department, and the locals-the D.A. and the rest of my welcoming party. Just look at what they've done to me." "They should be sued for this," Sandy said. "For millions. And quickly. Here's the plan: I'm leaving in the morning on some type of military flight to Biloxi. You can imagine the reception I'll get. We should take advantage of it." "Take advantage?" "Exactly. We should file our lawsuit late this afternoon so it'll...
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