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Unformatted text preview: d, besides, most of the money has been spent anyway. Dismiss, and my client will not pursue his claim for personal injuries against your company." "Is that all?" Talbot Mims asked in disbelief. "Yes. That's it." "Done." "We'd like a moment to consult," Shenault said, still hard-faced. "No we don't," Mims said to his client. "It's a great deal. It's on the table. We take it. Just like that." Shenault said, "I'd like to analyze-" "No," Mims said, bristling at Shenault. "We take the deal. Now, if you want someone else to represent you, fine. But as long as I'm your lawyer, we're taking the deal, right now." Shenault went speechless. "We'll take it," Mims said. "Mr. Shenault?" Sandy said. "Uh, sure. I guess we'll agree to it." "Great. I have a proposed settlement agreement waiting on you in the room next door. Now, if you gentlemen will leave us for a few minutes, I need to talk with Mr. Ladd and his client in private." Minis led his crew out. Sandy locked the door behind them and turned to address Mr. Cohen, Hal Ladd, and his associate. "Your deal is a bit different from theirs, I'm afraid. They get off lightly because there is a divorce. It's messy and complicated, and my client can use his claim against Northern Case Mutual to his advantage in the divorce proceedings. You, unfortunately, are not in the same position. They put up a half a million for Stephano, you put up twice that much. You have more liability, more exposure, and, as we all know, a helluva lot more cash than Northern Case Mutual." "How much do you have in mind?" Cohen asked. "Nothing for Patrick. He's very concerned, however, about the child. She's six, and her mother burns money. That's one reason Northern Case Mutual collapsed so quickly-it'll be very difficult to collect from Mrs. Lanigan. Patrick would like a modest amount to go into a trust fund for...
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