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Unformatted text preview: om demand. Not a word from the kidnappers. AGAINST his specific instructions, she called him. Fidgeting at a pay phone in La Guardia, looking over her shoulder Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html through thick sunglasses and tugging nervously at her hair, she dialed his room number, and spoke in Portuguese. If they were listening, at least they would have to find a translator. "Patrick, it's Leah," she said, with as little emotion as possible. "What's wrong?" he asked, also in Portuguese. He hadn't heard her wonderful voice for some time, and he was not pleased to hear it now. "Can we talk?" "Yes. What's the matter?" Patrick checked the phone in his room for bugs every three or four hours. He was bored. He also scanned every possible hiding place with the bugging sensor Sandy had found him. With guards posted around the clock, he had learned to relax somewhat. But the outside lines still worried him. "It's my father," she said, then blurted out the story of Paulo's disappearance. "I have to go home." "No, Leah," he said calmly. "It's a trap. Your father is not a wealthy man. They are not asking for money. They want you." "I cannot abandon my father." "And you can't find him either." "This is all my fault." "No. The blame lies with me. But don't make matters worse by rushing into their trap." She twirled her hair and watched the parade of people rushing by. "So what do I do?" "Go to New Orleans. Call Sandy when you get there. Let me think." She bought a ticket, then walked to her gate and found a seat in a corner where she could hide her face next to the wall and behind a magazine. She thought of her poppa and the horrible things they could be doing to him. The only two men she loved had been kidnapped by the same people, and Patrick was still in the hospital because of his wounds. Her father was older and not as strong as Patrick. They were hurting him b...
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