He was determined to know who was chasing him and how

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Unformatted text preview: ne took me to the Mobile airport, where I ate breakfast and waited on a Northwest Airlink flight from Atlanta. It arrived. I fell in with the other commuters, all very busy and anxious to attack Mobile, and I stopped with two other guys at the Avis desk. They had reserved cars. Mine was a bit more complicated. I had a perfect driver's license from Georgia, along with my passport, just in case. I used the Visa, and I was very scared. The card number was a valid one-some poor guy in Decatur, Georgia, and I was terrified a computer would catch it and Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html alarms would go off. But nothing happened. I filled out the paperwork and left in a hurry." "What was your name?" "Randy Austin." "Big question, Randy," Karl said as he took a bite of pizza and chewed it slowly. "You were in the airport. Why didn't you simply get on a plane and leave?" "Oh, I thought about it. As I was eating breakfast, I watched two planes take off, and I wanted so badly to hop on and leave. But there was unfinished business. It was a very tough decision." "What was the unfinished business?" "I think you know. I drove to Gulf Shores, then along the Coast east to Orange Beach, where I rented a small condo." "One you had already checked out." "Of course. I knew they would take cash. It was February, and cold; business was slow. I took a mild sedative and slept for six hours. I watched the evening news and saw where I'd died a fiery death. My friends were just devastated." "You ass." "I drove to the grocery and bought a bag of apples and some diet pills. After dark, I walked the beach for three hours, something I did every night while I was hiding around Mobile. Next morning, I sneaked into Pascagoula and got a newspaper, saw my fat smiling face on the front page, read about the tragedy, saw the touching little blurb you offered, and also saw that the funeral would be that a...
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