He was set upon by a pack of young mormon

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Unformatted text preview: rned up that dead body. Let the boy serve ten years in Parchman. That's justice." "He didn't steal the money here," Trussel explained. "We have no jurisdiction. It was a federal matter, and the federal boys have already dismissed the charges." Sandy was in a corner, his eyes fixed on a document. "Then somebody screwed up, didn't they?" "It wasn't us," Parrish said quickly. "That's great. Go sell that to the people who elected you. Blame it on the feds because they don't run for office. What about burning the corpse? He gets to walk after admitting he did it?" "You think he should be prosecuted for it?" Trussel asked. "Damned right I do." "Good. How do you think we should prove our case?" Parrish asked. "You're the prosecutor. That's your job." "Yeah, but you seem to know everything. Tell me, how would you prove the case?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "He said he did it, didn't he?" "Yeah, and do you think Patrick Lanigan will take the witness stand in his own criminal trial and confess to the jury that he burned a corpse? Is that your idea of trial strategy?" "He won't," Sandy inserted helpfully. Sweeney's neck and cheeks were red, and his arms were nailing in all directions. He glared at Parrish, then at Sandy. And when he realized that these lawyers had all the answers, he brought himself under control. "When will this happen?" he asked. "Late this afternoon," Trussel said. Sweeney didn't like this either. He stuck his hands deep in his pockets and headed for the door. "You lawyers take care of your own," he said, just loud enough for everyone to hear. "One big happy family," Parrish said, the sarcasm heavy. Sweeney slammed the door and huffed down the hallway. He left the courthouse in his unmarked cruiser. Using his car phone, he called his own pers...
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