His request for books had been taken under

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Unformatted text preview: him some questions about the identification process, and Stephano described the fingerprinting. Oliver struggled with the time sequences, and spent almost an hour pinning down exactly when they grabbed him and how far they drove him and how long they interrogated him. They grilled Stephano about the trip out of the jungle to the airstrip at Conception. They probed and fished and covered everything else, then they huddled for a moment and returned to the crucial question. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "During the interrogation of Mr. Lanigan, what did you learn about the money?" "Not much. He told us where the money had been, but it had been moved." "Can we assume he told you this under extreme duress?" "Safe assumption." "Are you convinced he didn't know where the money was at that time?" "I wasn't there. But the man who conducted the interrogation has told me that, without a doubt, he believes that Mr. Lanigan did not know the exact location of the money." "The interrogation wasn't recorded either by video or audio?" "Of course not," Jack said, as if he had never thought about it. "Did Mr. Lanigan mention an accomplice?" "Not to my knowledge." "What does that mean?" "Means I don't know." "How about the man who conducted the interrogation? Did he hear Mr. Lanigan mention an accomplice?" "Not to my knowledge." "So, as far as you know, Mr. Lanigan never mentioned an accomplice?" "That's correct." They shuffled files again, and whispered between themselves, then took a long pause, one that became profoundly unsettling for Stephano. He had told two lies in a row-no recording and no accomplice-and he still felt safe with them. How could these guys know what was said in the jungles of Paraguay? But they were the FBI. So he fidgeted, and waited. The door opened suddenly,...
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