Huskey wanted to reach down and hug him but with

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Unformatted text preview: arge dark ones, and held out his wrists to be handcuffed. "What are those?" Sandy demanded, pointing to a set of ankle irons a deputy was holding. "Ankle irons," said Sweeney. "I don't think so," Sandy said harshly. "The man has burns on one ankle." "He certainly does," Dr. Hayani said boldly, anxious to enter the fray. "See," he insisted, pointing to Patrick's left ankle. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Sweeney pondered this for a moment, and his hesitation cost him. Sandy charged ahead: "Come on, Sheriff, what are his chances of escape? He's injured, handcuffed, surrounded by all these people. What the hell's he gonna do? Break and run? You guys aren't that slow, are you?" "I'll call the Judge, if necessary," Dr. Hayani said angrily. "Well, he came here with ankle irons," the Sheriff said. "That was the FBI, Raymond," Patrick said. "And they were leg chains, not ankle irons. And they hurt like hell anyway." The ankle irons were put away, and Patrick was led into the hallway, where men in matching brown uniforms grew silent at the sight of him. They gathered around him and the mob moved slowly toward the elevator. Sandy stayed to his left, gently holding him by the elbow. The elevator was too small for his entire entourage. The ones who didn't make it scurried down the staircase and met them in the lobby where they reorganized and shuffled past the front reception and through the glass doors, into the warm autumn air, where a regular parade of freshly waxed vehicles awaited them. They put him in a sparkling new black Suburban with Harrison County insignia plastered from bumper to bumper, and away they went, followed by a white Suburban carrying his armed protectors. It, in turn, was followed by three freshly cleaned patrol cars. In front, two more patrol cars, the newest additions to the fleet, led the invasion as it cleared military checkpoints and en...
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