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Unformatted text preview: r mentioned his mother. Three hours in the car, and he never mentioned his mother." "Where was he headed?" "I'd located a logging camp north of Eugene, Oregon, and I'd checked the bus routes and schedules. I wrote it all down for him, then we practiced it a dozen times on the way to the bus station. I gave him two thousand dollars in cash, and dropped him off two blocks from the bus station. It was almost 1 P.M., and I couldn't run the risk of being seen. The last time I saw Pepper he was jogging away with a smile on his face and a stuffed backpack slung over his shoulder." "His shotgun and camping gear were found in the cabin." "Where else could he put it?" "Just another piece of the puzzle." "Of course. I wanted them to think Pepper burned up in the car." "Where is he now?" "I don't know, and it's not important." "That's not what I asked, Patrick." "It's not important, really." "Stop playing games with me, dammit. If I ask a question, then I deserve an answer." "I'll give an answer when I feel like it." "Why are you so evasive with me?" Sandy's voice was louder, and edgy, and Patrick paused a moment to let him calm down. They both breathed slower, both tried to get a grip. "I'm not being evasive, Sandy," Patrick said evenly. "The hell you're not. I fight like hell to solve one riddle, and ten more mysteries hit me in the face. Why can't you tell me everything?" "Because you don't need to know everything." "It would certainly be nice." "Really? When was the last time a criminal defendant told you everything?" "Funny, I don't think of you as a criminal." "Then what am I?" "A friend, maybe." "Your job will be easier if you think of me as a criminal." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Sandy lifted the settlement agreements from the table and started for the door. "I'm tired and I'm going to rest. I'll...
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