I found a portuguese instructor and studied the

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Unformatted text preview: roof. He said it would be a week or so. ARICIA: Relax, Charlie. There's no way they can prove that because I didn't sign anything. BOGAN: But you knew about it? ARICIA: Of course I knew about it. I planned it. I set it in motion. It was another one of my wonderful ideas. Their problem, Charlie, is that they can't prove it There are no documents, no witnesses. The cassette went silent, and Leah said, "Same conversation, about ten minutes later." ARICIA: How's the Senator? BOGAN: Doing well. Yesterday he met with the Secretary of the Navy. ARICIA: How'd it go? BOGAN: Went well. They're old friends, you know. The Senator expressed his strong desire to punish Platt & Rockland for its greed, yet not harm the Expedition project. The Secretary feels the same, and said he would push for a stiff penalty against Platt & Rock-land. ARICIA: Can he speed things up? BOGAN: Why? ARICIA: I want the damned money, Charlie. I can feel it. I can taste it. Leah pushed a button and the recording stopped. She removed the cassette and placed it back in the rack. "Patrick started recording early in '91. Their plans were to cut him out of the firm at the end of February, on the grounds that he was not generating enough business." "Is that box full of tapes?" "There are about sixty of them, all carefully edited by Patrick, so you can listen to everything in three hours." Sandy glanced at his watch. "We have a lot of work to do," she said. Twenty-eight PAULO'S REQUEST for a radio was declined, but when they realized he simply wanted music they brought him a well-used tape player and two cassettes of the Rio Philharmonic Orchestra. Classical was his preference. Paulo turned the volume low and flipped through a stack of old magazines. His request for books had been taken under consideration. The food so far was more than adequate; they seemed anxious to keep him happy. His captors were young men working for someone else, someone Paulo knew he would never see. If t...
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