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Unformatted text preview: dreaming of nothing and oblivious to the storm brewing back home. IN AUGUST of 1992, five months after the money vanished, a federal grand jury in Biloxi indicted Patrick for the theft. There was sufficient evidence that he had pulled the heist, and there was not the slightest hint that anyone else might be a suspect. It occurred internationally, thus the feds had jurisdiction. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html The Harrison County Sheriffs Department and the local District Attorney had started a joint investigation into the murder, but had long since moved on to other, more pressing matters. Suddenly they were back in business. The noon press conference was delayed while the authorities met in Cutter's office in downtown Biloxi to sort things out. It was a tense meeting, attended by people with competing interests. On one side of the table sat Cutter and the FBI, who took their orders from Maurice Mast, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Mississippi, who had driven in from Jackson. On the other side sat Raymond Sweeney, the Sheriff of Harrison County, and his right-hand man, Grimshaw, both of whom despised the FBI. Their spokesman was T.L. Parrish, the District Attorney for Harrison and surrounding counties. It was federal versus state, big budgets versus low, with serious egos around the room and everyone wanting most of the Patrick show. "The death penalty is crucial here," D.A. Parrish said. "We can use the federal death penalty," U.S. Attorney Mast said, a little timid, if that was possible. Parrish smiled and cast his eyes down. The federal death penalty had just recently been passed by a Congress with little clue of how to implement it. It certainly sounded good when the President signed it into law, but the kinks were enormous. The state, on the other hand, had a rich and proven history of legal executions. "Ours is better," Parrish said. "And we all know it." Parrish had...
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