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Unformatted text preview: the hallway. Patrick shifted his weight. Three days on his back, and he was ready for a change of scenery. "You need to hurry home, Sandy. We'll have plenty of time to talk later. I know you have questions, just give me some time." "Okay, pal." "File the lawsuit with as much noise as possible. We can always amend it later to bring in the real defendants." "No problem. This won't be the first time I've sued the wrong defendants." "It's strategy. A little sympathy won't hurt." Sandy placed his legal pad and the photos into his briefcase. "Be careful," Patrick said. "As soon as you're identified as my lawyer, you'll attract all sorts of strange and nasty people." "The press?" "Yeah, but not exactly what I had in mind. I've buried a lot of money, Sandy. There are people who'll do anything to find it." "How much of the money is left?" "All of it. And then some more." "It may take that to save you, pal." "I have a plan." "I'm sure you do. See you in Biloxi." Thirteen THROUGH THE VAST WEB of leaks and JL sources, word came that yet another lawsuit would be filed late in the day, just before the clerk closed her office. The web had already been electrified with the confirmed reports that Patrick himself would be arriving around noon tomorrow. Sandy asked the reporters to wait in the foyer of the courthouse while he filed the suit. He then distributed copies to the dozen or so bloodhounds gathered and jostling for position. Most were newspaper reporters. There were two minicams. One radio station. At first, it appeared to be just another lawsuit, filed by another lawyer anxious to see his face in print. Things changed dramatically when Sandy announced he represented Patrick Lanigan. The crowd grew and bunched together-curious office clerks, local lawyers, even a janitor stopped to listen. Calmly, he informed them that his client was filing suit a...
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