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Unformatted text preview: ve my father," she said. "Stephano?" "Yes. I'm the only person who knows where the money is, Sandy. The kidnapping is a trap." "How does Stephano know about you?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Patrick told them." "Patrick?" "Yes. You've seen the burns, haven't you?" Sandy stood and tried to clear his head. "Then why didn't Patrick tell them where the money is?" "Because he didn't know." "He gave it all to you." "Something like that. I have control of it. Now I'm being chased, and my poor father is caught in the middle." "What am I supposed to do?" She opened a drawer and removed a similar but thinner file. "This contains information about the FBI investigation of Patrick. We didn't learn much, for obvious reasons. The agent in charge is a man named Cutler, in Biloxi. As soon as I knew Patrick had been captured, I called Cutter. It probably saved Patrick's life." "Slow down. This is hard to follow." "I told Cutter that Patrick Lanigan had been found, and that he was in the custody of people working for Jack Stephano. We assume the FBI went straight to Stephano and threatened him. His operatives in Brazil tortured Patrick for a few hours, almost killed him, then handed him over to the FBI." Sandy absorbed every word with his eyes closed hard. "Go on," he said. "Two days later, Stephano was arrested in Washington and his offices were locked up." "How do you know this?" "I'm still paying a lot of money to the men at Pluto. They're very good. We suspect that Stephano is talking to the FBI, while at the same time quietly pursuing me. And my father." "What am I supposed to tell Cutter?" "First, tell him about me. Describe me as a lawyer who is very close to Patrick, that I'm making decisions for him, and that I know everything. Then, tell h...
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