I thought of everything and i decided i could drive

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Unformatted text preview: atrick. The mysteries were too rich to escape. A bad day on the bench, and he would think of Patrick on a sundrenched beach reading a novel, sipping a drink, watching the girls. Another year without a pay raise, and he would wonder what the ninety million was doing. The latest rumor on the demise of the Bogan firm, and he would shame Patrick for the misery he had caused. No, the truth was, Karl had thought of Patrick, for one reason or another, at least once a day, every day, since he left. There were no nurses or other patients in the hall. The two deputies stood. One said, "Evenin', Judge." He greeted them and entered the darkened room. Twenty-three PATRICK WAS SITTING in bed watching "Jeopardy" with his shirt off and the blinds drawn. A dim table light was on. "Sit here," he told Kaii, pointing to the end of his bed. He waited just long enough for Karl to see the burns on his chest, then quickly slipped on a tee shirt. The sheet was up to his waist. "Thanks for coming," he said. He turned the TV off, and the room grew even darker. "Pretty nasty burns, Patrick," Karl said as he sat on the edge of the bed, as far away as possible, his right foot hanging off the edge. Patrick pulled his knees to his chest. Under the sheet, he still looked painfully thin. "It was ugly," he said, his hands wrapped tightly around his knees. "Doc says they're healing okay. But I'll need to stay here for a while." "I have no problem with that, Patrick. No one is screaming for you to be moved to the jail." "Not yet. But I bet the press will start soon." "Relax, Patrick. That decision will be made by me." He seemed relieved. "Thanks, Karl. You know I can't survive in jail. You've seen it." "What about Parchman? It's a hundred times worse." There was a long pause as Karl wished he could take back the words. It was instantaneous, and cruel. "I'm sorry," he said. "T...
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