It would have been simpler and certainly less

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Unformatted text preview: perfectly noncommittal when he'd been told the size of the repayment. She followed the same script. "When?" was all she said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "I'll have instructions when you get to London. There's a room at the Four Seasons in the name of Leah Pires." "That's me again." "Call me when you get there?" "Tell Patrick I still love him, even after going to jail." "I'll see him tonight. Be careful." "Thanks." WITH SUCH HEAVYWEIGHTS in town, Mast couldn't resist the opportunity to impress them. The evening before, after they had taken possession of the documents and tapes, he'd arranged for his staff to call every member of the sitting grand jury and inform them of an emergency session. With five of his assistant U.S. attorneys, he had worked with the FBI in scouring and indexing the documents. He had left his office at three in the morning, and returned five hours later. The federal grand jury meeting was at noon, with lunch provided. Hamilton Jaynes decided to hang around long enough to sit through it, as did Sprawling from the Attorney General's office. Patrick would be the only witness. Pursuant to their agreement, he was not transported in handcuffs. He was hidden in the back of an unmarked Bureau car, and sneaked through a side door of the federal courthouse in Biloxi. Sandy was at his side. Patrick wore large khakis, sneakers, a sweatshirt; clothing Sandy had purchased for him. He was pale and thin, but walked with no visible impairment. Actually, Patrick felt great. The sixteen grand jurors sat around a long, square table, so that at least half of them had their back to the door when Patrick walked through with a smile. Those not facing him quickly turned around. Jaynes and Sprawling sat in a corner, intrigued by their first glimpse of Mr. Lanigan. Patrick sat at the end of the table, in a chair used by witnesses, and seized the moment. He needed littl...
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