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Unformatted text preview: ild-spoken but sharp-tongued. His large office in downtown Mobile was strewn with long neglected files and out-of-date law books. He politely welcomed Sandy, indicated a chair, and offered a drink. It was, after all, a few minutes after five. Sandy declined, and J. Murray drank nothing. "So how's our boy?" J. Murray asked, flashing teeth. "That would be?" "Come on. Our boy Patrick. Have you found the money yet?" "Didn't know I was looking for any." J. Murray found this hilarious and laughed a few seconds. There was no doubt in his mind that he was thoroughly in control of this meeting. The cards were heavily stacked on his side of the desk. "I saw your client on TV last night," Sandy said. "That sleazy tabloid, what's it called?" " 'Inside Journal.' Wasn't she marvelous? And the little girl, what a doll. Those poor people." "My client would like to request that your client refrain from any further public comment about their marriage and Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, divorce." "Your client can kiss my client's ass. And you can kiss mine." "I'll pass, as will my client." "Look, son, I'm a First Amendment hawk. Say anything. Do anything. Publish anything. It's all protected right there by the Constitution." He pointed to a wall of cobwebbed law books next to his window. "Request denied. My client has the right to go public with anything she wants, anytime she wants. She's been humiliated by your client, and now faces a very uncertain future." "Fair enough. Just wanted to clear the air." "Is it clear enough?" "Yes. Now, we really have no problems with your client's desire to get a divorce, and she can have custody of the child." "Gee thanks. You guys are being generous." "In fact, my client has no plans to seek visitation rights with the child." "Smart man. After abandoning the child for four years, he'd be har...
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