If he knew you were watching hed be stupid to try

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Unformatted text preview: t town, bam, Lance moved in. Every time. "Can these investigators testify in court?" Lance asked when J. Murray finished. "We're not going to court," J. Murray said. "Why not?" Trudy asked. "Because of these." J. Murray slid the eight-by-ten color glossies across his desk. Trudy grabbed one and gasped at the sight of herself lounging by the pool, naked, her stud next to her. Lance was shocked too, but managed a tiny grin. He sort of liked them. They swapped the photos back and forth without a word. J. Murray relished the moment, then said, "You guys got too careless." "Skip the lecture," Lance said. Predictably, Trudy started to cry. Her eyes watered, her lip quivered, her nose sniffled, and then she cried. J. Murray had seen it a thousand times. They always cried, not for what they had done, but for the wages of their sins. "He's not getting my daughter," she said angrily through the tears. She lost it, and they listened to her bawl for a while. Lance, ever vigilant, pawed at her and tried to console. "I'm sorry," she finally said, wiping tears. "Relax," J. Murray said without the slightest trace of compassion. "He doesn't want the kid." "Why not?" she asked, the tear ducts shutting down instantly. "He's not the father." They squinted, thought hard, tried to assemble things. J. Murray reached for yet another report. "He took a blood sample from the child when she was fourteen months old, and had a DNA test run on it. No way he's the father." "Then who ..." Lance started to ask, but couldn't complete the thought. "Depends on who else was around," J. Murray said helpfully. "No one else was around," she said, mocking him angrily. "Except me," Lance volunteered, then slowly closed his eyes. Fatherhood descended heavily upon his shoulders. Lance despised children. He tolerated Ashley Nicole only because she belonged to Trudy. "Congratulations," J....
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