Imagine all the phone calls i had to wade through

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Unformatted text preview: ing him cookies. The Judge brings him pizza. No less than six armed men guard him around the clock, so I'd say Patrick is doing better than most capital murder defendants." "This is Judge Huskey?" "Yes, Karl Huskey. Do you know him?" "No. But Patrick spoke of him often. They were good friends. Patrick told me once that if he was captured, he hoped it would happen while Karl Huskey was still the Judge." "He's retiring soon," Sandy said. What fortunate timing, he thought. "He can't hear Patrick's case, can he?" she asked. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "No. He'll recuse himself very soon." Sandy ate a much smaller piece of chicken, still eating alone because she had yet to touch her knife and fork. She held the glass of wine near her head, and looked at the orange and violet clouds on the horizon. "I'm sorry. I forgot to ask about your father." "No word. I talked to my brother three hours ago, and there's still no word." "I'm very sorry, Leah. I wish I could do something." "And I wish I could do something. It's frustrating. I can't go home, and I can't stay here." "I'm sorry," Sandy said again, because he could think of nothing better to offer. He continued his meal in silence. She played with her rice and watched the ocean. "This is delicious," he said, twice. "Thanks," she said with a sad grin. "What does your father do?" "He's a university professor." "Where?" "In Rio. At the Catholic University." "Where does he live?" "In Ipanema, in the apartment I grew up in." Her father was a delicate subject, but at least Sandy was getting answers to his questions. Maybe it helped her to talk about him. He asked more questions, all very general and all far away from the kidnapping. She never touched her food. WHEN HE FINISHED, she asked, "Would you like some coffee?" "We'll probably need it, won't we?" "Yes." They remov...
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