In truth napping was impossible with the parade of

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Unformatted text preview: else suspects she and Lance have entertained such thoughts. Then, meet with the Sheriff and the FBI and tell the same story. Tell them why you're Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, worried about my safety. Insist that they chat with Trudy and Lance about these rumors. I know her very well, Sandy. She'll sacrifice Lance to keep the money, but not if there's the chance she'll get caught too. If the cops are suspicious now, she'll back off." "You've given this some thought. Anything else?" "Yes. The last thing you do is leak it to the press. You need to find a reporter-" "That shouldn't be hard to do." "One that you can trust." "Much harder." "Not really. I've been reading the papers, and I have a couple of names for you. Check them out. Find one you like. Tell him to print the rumors, off the record, and in return you'll give him first shot at the real stories. That's the way these guys operate. Tell him the Sheriff is investigating reports of the wife attempting to procure the services of a contract killer so she can keep the money. He'll eat it up. He won't have to validate the story. Hell, they print rumors all the time." Sandy finished his notes and marveled at his client's preparation. He closed his file, tapped it with his pen, and asked, "How much of this stuff do you have?" "Dirt?" "Yeah." "I'd guess fifty pounds. It's been locked in a mini-storage in Mobile ever since I disappeared." "What else is there?" "More dirt." "On who?" "My former partners. And others. We'll get to it later." "When?" "Soon, Sandy." TRUDY'S LAWYER, J. Murray Riddleton, was a jovial, thick-necked man of sixty who specialized in two types of law: big, nasty divorces, and financial advice aimed at cheating the government. He was a quick study in contrasts; successful but badly dressed, intelligent but plain-faced, smiling but vicious, m...
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