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Unformatted text preview: out the window, nibbling on a cracker, no doubt plotting his next maneuver. "Can I go with you?" he asked. "To where?" "To wherever you're going. You walk outta here, meet the girl, pick up the dough, hit the beach, live on a yacht. I'd just like to tag along for the ride." "I'm not there yet." "You're getting closer every day." Karl turned off the television and moved his food aside. "There's a gap I'd like to fill in," he said. "Clovis died, then he was buried, or he wasn't buried. But what happened in between?" Patrick chuckled, and said, "You like the details, don't you?" "I'm a Judge. The facts are important." Patrick took a seat and propped his bare feet on the desk. "I almost got caught. It's not easy to steal a corpse, you know?" "I'll take your word for it." "I had insisted that Clovis make his funeral arrangements. I even added a codicil to his will giving directions to the funeral home-no open casket, no visitation, no music, an overnight wake, a simple wood coffin, and a simple graveside service." "A wooden coffin?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Yeah, Clovis was big on the ashes-to-ashes-dust-to-dust routine. Cheap wooden casket, no vault. That was the way his grandfather was buried. Anyway, I was at the hospital when he died, and I waited for the mortician from Wiggins to arrive with the hearse. Holland was his name, a real card. Owns the only funeral home in town. Black suit, the works. I gave him a copy of Clovis' instructions. The will gave me authority to do what needed to be done, and Holland didn't care. It was around three in the afternoon. Rol-land said he would do the embalming in a few hours. He asked me if Clovis had a suit to be buried in. We hadn't thought of that. I said no, I had never seen Clovis in a suit. Rolland said he kept a few old ones around, and he'd take care of it. "Clovis wa...
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