It didnt take long though word got out that the banks

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Unformatted text preview: later gave them to his lawyers." "And Patrick got diem?" "Some of them." Sandy looked at the box. The top flaps were closed. "And this has been in hiding since he disappeared?" "Yes." "Did he ever come back to check on it?" "No." "Did you?" "I came two years ago to renew the rental at the storage facility. I looked in the box, but didn't have the time to examine the contents. I was scared and nervous, and I didn't want to come. I was convinced these materials would never be needed because he would never be caught. But Patrick always knew." The cross-examiner in Sandy was ready to burst with another round of questions unrelated to Aricia, but he let the moment pass. Relax, he told himself, don't appear eager and maybe the questions will get answered eventually. "So Aricia's scheme worked, and at some point he approached Charles Bogan, whose cousin is an asskicker in Washington and whose old boss is a federal judge. Did Bogan know Aricia had caused the overruns?" She stood, reached into the box, and removed a battery-operated tape player and a rack of neatly labeled mini-cassettes. She picked through the cassettes with a pen until she found the one she wanted. She inserted it in the tape player. It was obvious to Sandy that she had done this many times before. "Listen," she said. "April 11, 1991. The first voice is Bogan, the second is Aricia. Aricia had placed the call, and Bogan took it in the conference room on the second floor of the firm's offices." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Sandy leaned forward on his elbows. The tape began to play. BOGAN: I gotta call from one of Platt's New York lawyers today. A guy named Krasny. ARICIA: I know him. Typical New Tfork ass. BOGAN: Ifes, he wasn't very friendly. He said they might have proof that you knew about the double-billing on the Stalker screens New Coastal bought from RamTec. I asked him to show me the p...
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