It had become a miserable marriage and as it

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Unformatted text preview: need help. Lawyers can't do what she needs." Lance smiled and sipped his beer. He lit a cigarette, something he could never do around Trudy. "Where's Zeke?" "That's exactly what I figured," Cap said angrily. "She gets in trouble, her money is threatened, and so she sends you down here looking for Zeke or some other klutz you can grease to do something stupid. He gets caught. You get caught. You take the fall and she forgets your name. You're a dumbass, Lance, you know that." "Yeah, I know. Where's Zeke?" "In jail." "Where?" "Texas. Feds got him. running guns. You're stupid, you know that. Don't do this. When they bring your guy back, there'll be cops crawling all around him. They'll lock him away some place, his mother can't even get near him. There's serious money at stake here, Lance. They gotta protect this guy until he breaks and tells where he's buried it, you know. You try to hit him, and you'll kill half a dozen cops. And die tryin'." "Not if it's done right." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "And I suppose you know how to do it. Could that be because you ain't ever done it before? When did you get so damned smart?" "I can find the right people." "For how much?" "Whatever it takes." "You got fifty grand?" "Yeah." Cap took a deep breath and glanced around his pub. Then he leaned forward on his elbows and glared at his friend. "Lemme tell you why it's a bad idea, Lance. You never were too bright, you know. Girls always liked you because they think you're cute, but thinking was never your strong suit." "Thanks, pal." "Everybody wants this guy alive. Think about it. Everybody. Feds. The lawyers. The cops. The guy whose money got stolen. Everybody. Except, of course, that fleabag who lets you live in her house. She needs him dead. If you pull this, and somehow knock him off, the cops go str...
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