It was a tense meeting attended by people with

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Unformatted text preview: people are in Rio. They found her father, but he wouldn't talk. Same at her law firm. She's out of town on business, they say." Aricia folded his hands and calmly said, "Now tell me, what exactly did he say?" "I haven't heard the tape yet. It was supposed to be delivered to my office this afternoon, but now things are complicated. Plus, it was sent from the jungles of Paraguay." "I know that." "According to Guy, he broke after five hours of shock. He said the money was still intact, hidden in various banks, none of which he could name. Guy damned near killed him when he couldn't, or wouldn't, name the banks. By then, Guy figured, correctly, that someone else had control of the money. A few more jolts, and the girl's name came out. Guy's men immediately called Rio, and confirmed her identity. She had already vanished." "I want to hear that tape." "It's brutal, Benny. The man's skin is burning and he's screaming for mercy." Benny couldn't stop the smile. "I know. That's what I want to hear." THEY PUT PATRICK at the end of a wing on the base hospital. His was the only room with doors which could be locked from the- outside and windows that wouldn't open. The blinds were closed. Two military guards sat outside the hallway, for whatever reason. Patrick wasn't going anywhere. The voltage had severely bruised the muscles and tissue in his legs and chest. Even his joints and bones were tender. The burns had laid open his flesh in four places, two on his chest, one on his thigh, one on his calf. Four other spots were being treated as second-degree burns. The pain was intense, and so his doctors, all four of them, had made the simple decision to keep him sedated for the time being. There was no rush to move him. He was a wanted man, but it would take a few days to determine who got him first. They kept the room dark, the music low, the IV full of delightful narcotics, and poor Patrick snored away the hours...
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