Its not complicated just generated by abc amber lit

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Unformatted text preview: l you how to do your job." "Really?" "No. I promise. Please try and understand that my client is a very frightened man right now. I'm here acting on his behalf. He's been stalked for over four years. He's been caught. He hears voices we don't hear. He sees shadows we don't see. He's convinced people will try to kill him, and he expects me to protect him." "He's safe." "For now. What if you talked to Lance, and you grilled him pretty good and told him about the rumors. If he knew you were watching, he'd be stupid to try something." "Lance is stupid." "Maybe, but Trudy is not. If she thinks she might get caught, she'll yank Lance back where he belongs." "Been yanking him all his life." "Precisely. She will not run the risk." Sweeney lit another cigarette, and glanced at his watch. "Anything else?" he asked, suddenly anxious to get up and leave. He was a Sheriff, not an office manager with a desk and Rolodex. "Just one thing. And again, I'm not trying to tend to your business. Patrick has enormous respect for you. But, well, he thinks he's much safer where he is." "What a surprise." "Jail could be dangerous for him." "He shoulda thought about that before he killed Mr. Doe." Sandy ignored this and said, "He'll be easier to protect in the hospital." "Have you been to my jail?" "No." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Then don't lecture me about how unsafe it is. I've been doing this for a long time, got it?" "I'm not lecturing." "The hell you're not. You got five more minutes. Anything else?" "No." "Good." Sweeney bolted to his feet and left the room. THE HONORABLE KARL HUSKEY arrived at Keesler Air Force Base late in the afternoon, and slowly made his way through security to the hospital. He was in the middle of a one...
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