Jackets were removed and thrown across the pillows of

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Unformatted text preview: wers. "Has your client considered a plea bargain?" he finally asked, as if in deep pain. "No." "Would he?" "No." "Why not?" "You ran to the grand jury, got your capital murder indictment, waved it in front of the press, now you have to prove it. You didn't bother to wait and assess your evidence. Forget it." "I can get a conviction for manslaughter," Parrish said angrily. "That carries twenty years." "Maybe," Sandy said nonchalantly. "But my client has not been charged with manslaughter." "I can do that tomorrow." "Fine. Go do it. Dismiss the capital murder charges, refile for manslaughter, then we'll talk." Thirty-two IT WAS LABELED the Camille Suite, and it occupied one third of the top floor of the Biloxi Nugget, the newest, gaudiest, largest, and most successful of all the Vegas-style casinos popping up along the Coast. The boys from Vegas thought it clever to name the Nugget's suites and banquet rooms after the worst hurricanes to hit the Coast. For an average Joe who came in from the street and simply wanted spacious quarters, it rented for $750 a day. That's what Sandy agreed to pay. For a high-roller flown in from afar, the suite would be complimentary. But gambling was the last thing on Sandy's mind. His client, less than two miles away, had approved the expense. The Camille had two bedrooms, a kitchen, den, and two parlors- plenty of places to meet with separate groups. It also had four incoming phone lines, a fax, and a VCR. Sandy's paralegal brought the PC and the technical machinery from New Orleans, along with the first batch of Aricia documents. The first visitor to Mr. McDermott's temporary law offices was J. Murray Riddleton, Trudy's thoroughly defeated Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html divorce lawyer. He sheepishly handed over a proposed settlement of property rights and child visitation. They discus...
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