Lance was not about to mention his narcotics business

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Unformatted text preview: rts. His muscular legs were hairy and brown. The lawyer was scornful, but then, he'd seen everything. Trudy was dressed to the nines-tight short skirt, tasteful red blouse, full complement of makeup and jewelry. She crossed her shapely legs to get the lawyer's attention. She patted Lance on the arm as he massaged her knee. The lawyer ignored her legs as he ignored their groping. She had to file for divorce, she declared, though she had already given the short version on the phone. She was mad and bitter. How could he do this to her? And to Ashley Nicole, their precious daughter? She had loved him dearly. Their lives together had been good. Now this. "The divorce is no problem," the lawyer said, more than once. His name was J. Murray Riddleton, an accomplished divorce practitioner with many clients. "It's an easy case of abandonment. Under Alabama law, you'll get the divorce, full custody, all assets, everything." "I want to file as fast as possible," she said, looking at the Ego Wall behind the lawyer. "I'll do it first thing in the morning." "How long will it take?" "Ninety days. Piece of cake." This did nothing to relieve her anxiety. "I just don't see how a person could do this to someone he loved. I feel like a fool." Lance's hand moved slightly upward, still massaging. The divorce was the least of her worries. The lawyer knew it. She could try to fake a broken heart, but it wasn't working. "How much did you get in life insurance?" he asked, flipping through the file. She looked absolutely shocked at the mention of her life insurance. "Why is that relevant?" she snapped. "Because they're gonna sue you to get it back. He isn't dead, Trudy. No death, no life insurance." "You must be kidding." "Nope." "They can't do that. Can they? Surely not." "Oh yes. In fact, they'll do it quickly." Lance withdrew his hand and slumped in his chair...
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