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Unformatted text preview: re?" "She's around." Sandy blew hard into his cup, then ventured a sip. He quickly explained most of what he knew about Leah, though he never called her by name. Then he asked how the Stephano investigation was proceeding. Cutter grew cautious. He scribbled some notes with a cheap pen, and tried to arrange the players. "How do you know about Stephano?" "My co-counsel, the lady from Brazil, knows all about Stephano. Remember, she gave you his name." "How did she know about him?" "It's a very long, complicated story, and I don't know most of it." "Then why bring it up?" "Because Stephano is still after my client, and I'd like to stop him." More scribbling by Cutter, another sip of steaming coffee. A rough flow chart evolved as he tried to arrange who had said what to whom. He knew most of what was happening in Washington with the Stephano tell-all, but there were gaps. It had certainly been established that Stephano would stop his chase. "And how do you know this?" "Because his men in Brazil have kidnapped the father of my co-counsel." Cutter couldn't keep his lips together, nor his head exactly straight. His eyes wandered to the ceiling as this rattled around his brain. Then it made some sense. "Could it be that this Brazilian lawyer might possibly know where the money is?" "That's a possibility." Perfect sense now. Sandy continued, "The kidnapping is an effort to lure her back to Brazil, where they'd like to snatch her and give her some of the same medicine they gave , Patrick. It's all about money." Cutter's words were ponderous, but not by choice. "When did the kidnapping occur?" "Yesterday." A paralegal in Sandy's office had pulled a story off the Internet two hours earlier. It was a short report on page six of O Globo, a popular Rio daily. It gave the victim's name as Paulo Miranda. Sandy still had no idea of Leah's real name, and it was safe to assume the FBI could...
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