Likewise trudy suddenly had new friends who had

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Unformatted text preview: oulders sagged. There was a knock on the door, and a pretty girl named Belinda eased her head through just long enough to say, "Judge Huskey would like to meet with Patrick." The voice was so familiar. Patrick raised his head, looked at the door, and said softly, "Hello, Belinda." "Hello, Patrick. Welcome back." He turned away. She was a secretary in the clerk's office, and all the lawyers flirted with her. A sweet girl. A sweet voice. Had it really been four years? "Where?" the Sheriff asked. "In here," she said. "In a few minutes." "Do you want to meet with the Judge, Patrick?" Sandy asked. It was not mandatory. Under normal circumstances, it would be downright unusual. "Sure." Patrick was desperate to see Karl Huskey. She left and the door clicked behind her. "I'll step outside," Sweeney said. "I need a cigarette." Finally, Patrick was alone with his lawyer. He suddenly perked up. "Couple of things. Any word from Leah Pires?" "No," Sandy said. "She'll get in touch soon, so be ready. I've written her a long letter, and I'd like for you to get it to her." "Okay." "Second. There's an antibugging device called a DX-130, made by LoKim, a Korean electronics outfit. Costs about six hundred dollars; about the size of a portable Dictaphone. Get one, and bring it with you whenever we meet. We'll disinfect the room and the phones before each little conference. Also, hire a reputable surveillance firm in New Orleans to check your office twice a week. It's very expensive, but I'll pay for it. Any questions?" "No." Another knock, and Patrick slouched again. Judge Karl Huskey entered the room alone, robeless, in shirt and tie with reading glasses perched halfway down his nose. His gray hair and wrinkled eyes made him appear much older and wiser than forty-eight, which was exactly what he wanted. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Patrick was looking up and alrea...
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