Mast then gave a hurried summary of the proposed

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Unformatted text preview: ation in a rather cushy private room with a staff at his beck and call. "Let's talk about the Senator," Sprawling said. "Great idea," Sandy said. He opened a door to the parlor and said something to a paralegal. A table with speakers and tape deck was rolled into the center of the room, and Sandy closed the door again. He looked at his notes, said, "The date was January 14, 1992, about three weeks before Patrick disappeared. The conversation took place in the law firm, on the first floor, in a room known as the Closet, sort of an all-purpose room sometimes used for very small meetings. The first voice you'll hear is that of Charlie Bo-gan, then Benny Aricia, then Doug Vitrano. Aricia had arrived at the firm unannounced, and, as you'll see, was not in a good mood." Sandy stepped to the table and examined the various buttons. The tape deck was new and had two expensive speakers wired to it. They watched him carefully, most of them pushing forward just a little. Sandy said, "Again, Bogan first, then Aricia, then Vitrano." He pushed a button. There was a ten-second gap of complete silence, then voices came sharply from the speakers. Edgy voices. BOGAN: We agreed on a fee of one third, that's our standard fee. You signed the contract. You've known for a year and a half that our fee was a third. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, AEICIA: You don't deserve thirty million dollars. VITRANO: And you don't deserve sixty. ARICIA: I want to know how the money will be split. BOGAN: Two thirds, one third. Sixty, thirty. ARICIA: No, no. The thirty million that comes in here. Who gets how much? VITRANO: That's none of your business. ARICIA: The hell it's not. It's money I'm paying as a fee. I'm entitled to know who gets how much. BOGAN: No you're not. ARICIA: How much does the Senator get? BOGAN: None of your business. ARICIA: (Shouting) It is my business. This guy's spent the last year in Washington twisting arms, leaning on people at Navy and the Pentagon and Justice. Hell, he's spen...
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