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Unformatted text preview: od with Patrick, a long time ago. "We need to have a serious talk," he said. The shop was packed and his voice was low. "I'm listening," Cutter said. Sandy swallowed, wiped his mouth, leaned even closer and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but we need to include other people." "Like who?" "Like the people above you. People in Washington." Cutter pondered this for a minute as he watched the traffic move along Highway 90. The Gulf was a hundred yards away. "Sure," he said. "But I gotta tell them something." Sandy glanced around. Not a single person was even casually looking their way. "What if I can prove that the Aricia claim against Platt & Rockland was completely fraudulent; that he conspired with the Bogan firm to defraud the government, and that Bogan's cousin, the Senator, was a part of the conspiracy and was to have received several million bucks under the table?" "A wonderful story." "I can prove it." "And if we believe it, then we're supposed to allow Mr. Lanigan to make some type of restitution and walk away." "Perhaps." "Not so fast. There's still the matter of the dead body." Cutter casually took a bite of his doughnut and chewed it thoughtfully. Then, "What kind of proof?" "Documents, recorded phone calls, all sorts of things." "Admissible in court?" "Most of it." "Enough for convictions?" "A box full." "Where's the box?" "In the trunk of my car." Cutter instinctively looked over his shoulder in the general direction of the parking lot. Then he stared at Sandy. "This Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, is stuff Patrick gathered before he split?" "Correct. He got wind of the Aricia matter. The firm was planning to kick him out, so he very patiently collected the dirt." "Bad marriage, etc., etc., so he took the money and ran.&q...
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