No doubt rapley was locked away in his attic a place

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Unformatted text preview: eir new home-eleven thousand square feet. Rapley signed a contract to buy an eighty-foot sailboat; said he was contemplating retirement. I heard the private jet talk a few times. Thirty million in legal fees would be hard to hide around here, but they didn't really try. They wanted people to know." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Sounds like a bunch of lawyers." "You struck on a Thursday, right?" "Right. March twenty-sixth." "The next day, I was preparing to proceed with a civil trial when one of the lawyers got a call from the office. The news was that there were problems with the big settlement over at Bogan, Rapley, Vitrano, Havarac, and Lanigan. The money vanished. All of it. Stolen by someone offshore." "Was my name mentioned?" "Not the first day. It didn't take long, though. Word got out that the bank's security cameras had captured someone vaguely resembling you. Other pieces fell into place, and the gossip roared around town." "Did you believe I did it?" "At first, I was too shocked to believe anything. All of us were. We had buried you, put you to rest, said our prayers. It was impossible to believe. But, as the days passed, the shock wore off and the puzzle came together. The new will, the life insurance, the cremated corpse-we started getting suspicious. Then they found the office crawling with bugs. The FBI was questioning everyone around here. A week after it happened, it was pretty well accepted that you had pulled it off." "Were you proud of me?" "I wouldn't say I was proud. Astonished maybe. Perhaps stunned. There was, after all, a dead body. Then, I was intrigued." "Not the slightest hint of admiration?" "I don't remember it that way, Patrick. No, an innocent person had been murdered so you could steal the money. Plus, you left behind a wife and daughter." "The wife got a bundle. The child isn't mine....
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