No kidding sandy the kid had no hesitation whatsoever

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Unformatted text preview: s to some people in Washington," Sprawling said, not pleading but needing help. "Give us something to work with." "We'll pay half the IRS rate, and not a penny more." With a serious poker face, Sprawling said, "I'll run it by the Attorney General. I just hope he's in a good mood." "Give him my regards," Sandy said. Jaynes looked up from his notetaking and asked, "Three percent, right?" "That's right. From March 26, 1992, until November 1, 1996. Total comes to a hundred and thirteen million, plus some change, which we'll ignore. One hundred thirteen million, even." The figure had a nice ring to it, and it certainly sounded good to the government boys. They each wrote it on their legal pads. It looked large. Who could argue with a deal that brought so much back into the hands of the taxpayers? To offer this much meant only one thing: Patrick had taken the ninety and invested well. Sprawling's boys had crunched some numbers earlier. Assuming Patrick placed all the money in investments earning eight percent a year, the loot would now be worth a hundred and thirty-one million. Ten percent, and the value would be one hundred and forty-four million. Tax free, of course. Apparently, Patrick hadn't spent much of it, so he would remain a very wealthy man. "We're also concerned about this lawsuit you filed on behalf of Mr. Lanigan," Sprawling said. "We'll dismiss the FBI from the lawsuit, but I'll need a quick favor from Mr. Jaynes. We can discuss it later. It's a minor point." "All right. Moving right along. When will your client be prepared to testify before the grand jury?" "Whenever you need him. Physically, he's able to do it anytime." "We intend to move quickly with this." "The sooner the better for my client." Sprawling circled items on his checklist. "We will insist on confidentiality. No press whatsoever. This deal will be subject to a lot of criticism." "We...
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