Parrish hes undergoing medical treatment i assure you

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Unformatted text preview: red, face altered, nervous and twitchy and scared beyond words. He'd like to take him home, feed him some good food, let him rest, and help him pull his life together. He kneeled next to him, and said, "Patrick, I can't hear this case, for obvious reasons. Right now I'll handle the preliminary stuff to make sure you're protected. I'm still your friend. Don't hesitate to call." He patted him very gently on the knee, hoping he didn't touch a raw spot. "Thanks, Karl," Patrick said, biting his lip. Karl wanted eye contact, but it was impossible with the sunglasses. He stood and headed for the door. "Everything's routine today, Counselor," he said to Sandy. "Are there a lot of people out there?" Patrick asked. "Yes, Patrick. Friends and enemies alike. They're all out there." He left the room. THE COAST had a long and rich history of sensational murders and notorious criminals, so crowded courtrooms were not uncommon. No one could remember, though, such a packed house for a simple first appearance. The press had arrived early and taken the good seats. Since Mississippi was one of the remaining few states with the good sense to ban cameras from the courtroom, the reporters would be forced to sit and watch and listen, then put in Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, their own words what they saw. They would be forced to be real reporters, a task for which most of them were ill-equipped. Every big trial attracted the regulars-clerks and secretaries from courthouse offices, bored paralegals, retired cops, local lawyers who hung around most of the day, sipping free coffee in the clerks' offices, gossiping, examining real estate deeds, waiting for a judge to sign an order, doing anything to stay away from the office-and Patrick attracted all these and more. In particular, there were many lawyers present just to get a glimpse of Patrick. The papers had been filled with stories about him for four days...
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