Patrick and trudy had spent new years in rome five

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Unformatted text preview: attorneys?" His tone left little doubt that the Judge not only meant what he said, but relished the thought of going after violators. The lawyers said nothing. "Good. I have prepared a schedule for discovery, motions, pretrial, and trial. It's available in the clerk's office. Anything else?" Parrish stood and said, "Just one small matter, Your Honor. We would like to get the defendant in our detention facility as soon as possible. As you know, he's now at the base in a hospital, and, well, we-" "I just talked to his doctor, Mr. Parrish. He's undergoing medical treatment. I assure you that as soon as he is released by his doctor, then we'll transfer him to the Harrison County Jail." "Thank you, Judge." "If nothing else, then we stand adjourned." He was rushed from the courtroom, down the back stairs, into the black Suburban as the cameras clicked and rolled. Patrick nodded then napped as he was returned to the hospital. Eighteen '"THE ONLY CRIMES Stephano possibly com-JL mit±ed were the kidnapping and assault of Patrick, and convictions were unlikely. It happened in South America, far from U.S. jurisdiction. The actual assault was conducted by others, including some Brazilians. Stephano's lawyer was confident that they would prevail if pressed to trial. But there were clients involved, and a reputation to protect. The lawyer knew all too well the FBI's ability to harass without actually prosecuting. It was his advice that Stephano cut the deal-agree to spill his guts in return for the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, government's promise to grant immunity to him and his clients. Since no other crimes were involved, what was the harm? The lawyer insisted on sitting with Stephano while his statement was taken. The sessions would last for many hours over several days, but the lawyer wanted to be there. Jaynes wanted it done in the Hoover Building, by his men. Coffee and pastries were served. Two video ca...
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