Patrick had a few admirers those who also dreamed of

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Unformatted text preview: siness. I'd rather not mention the names of my associates." "He doesn't have to," the lawyer pronounced loudly, and that was the end of the matter. "Fine. Continue." "Lauziere appeared to be serious, ethical, and believable. He was also very prepared. He seemed to know everything about the disappearance of Patrick and the money. He had a file of all the press clippings. Everything was indexed and at his fingertips. He handed us a four-page, double-spaced narrative of what his client knew." "Just summarize it in detail. I'll read it later." "Certainly," Stephano said, and recounted the narrative from memory: "His client was a young woman named Erin who was struggling through med school at Tulane. She was recently divorced, broke, etc., and to help make ends meet she worked the late shift in a large bookstore in a mall, one of those big chains. Sometime in January of '92 she noticed a customer milling around the travel and language section. He was heavyset, dressed in a suit, neat black and gray beard, and appeared to be somewhat nervous. It was almost nine at night, and the store was practically deserted. He finally picked out a language course with twelve cassettes, workbooks, etc., all in one slick box, and he was easing toward the checkout area where Erin worked when another man entered the store. The first man immediately withdrew between the racks and placed the language course back on the shelf. He then emerged on the other side, and attempted to slip past the second man, a person he obviously knew and didn't want to speak to. But he didn't make it. The second man glanced up, and said, "Patrick, it's been a long time." A brief conversation ensued in which the two men talked about their law careers. Erin Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, puttered around the checkout stand and listened because there was nothing else to do. Evidently, she was keenly curious and watched everything. "Anyw...
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