Patrick held his breath the room was still would you

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Unformatted text preview: You can do it now, or you can do it ten hours from now when you're half-dead. Make it easy on yourself." "I don't want to die, okay?" Patrick said, his eyes filled with fear. They will not kill me, he told himself. Guy lifted a small, simple, nasty device from beside Patrick and displayed it close to his face. It was a chrome lever with a black rubber tip, mounted on a small square block with two wires running from it. "See this," Guy said, as if Patrick had a choice. "When the lever is up, the circuit is broken." Guy delicately gripped the rubber tip with his thumb and index finger, and slowly lowered it. "But when it moves down to this little contact point here, the circuit is closed and the current moves through the wires to the electrodes attached to your skin." He stopped the lever just centimeters from the contact point. Patrick held his breath. The room was still. "Would you like to see what happens when the shock is delivered?" Guy asked. "No." "Then where's the money?" "I don't know. I swear." Twelve inches in front of Patrick's nose, Guy pushed the lever down to the contact point. The shock was instant and horrific-hot bolts of current ripped into his flesh. Patrick jerked and the nylon ropes stretched. He closed his eyes fiercely and clamped his teeth together in a determined effort not to scream, but gave up after a split second and let out a piercing shriek that was heard throughout the cabin. Guy lifted the lever, waited a few seconds for Patrick to catch his breath and open his eyes, then said, "That's level one, the lowest current. I have five levels, and I'll use them all if necessary. Eight seconds of level five will kill you, and I'm perfectly willing to do that as a last resort. Are you listening, Patrick?" His flesh still burned from his chest to his ankles. His heart pumped furiously and he exhaled quickly. "Are you listening?" Guy repeated. "Yes." "Your situation is really quite simple. Tell me where the money is, a...
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