Patrick will give you instructions and for the time

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Unformatted text preview: sent Patrick." "For which batch of sins? According to the newspapers, it'll take an entire army of lawyers to cover his flanks." "A hundred thousand dollars?" "That'll do for starters. Am I doing the civil as well as the criminal?" "Everything." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Just me?" "Yes. He wants no other lawyer." "I'm touched," Sandy said, and he meant it. There were ^dozens of lawyers Patrick could turn to now, bigger lawyers with more death penalty experience, connected lawyers on the Coast with local clout, lawyers in bigger firms with more resources, and, undoubtedly, lawyers who'd been closer friends than Sandy had been for the past eight years. "Then I'm hired," he said. "Patrick's an old friend, you know." "I know." How much did she really know? he wondered. Was she more than a lawyer? "I'd like to wire the money today," she said. "If you could give me wiring instructions." "Of course. I'll prepare a contract for legal services." "There are some other things Patrick is concerned about. One is publicity. He wants you to say nothing to the press. Never. Not a word. No press conferences unless approved by him. Not even a casual 'no comment.' " "No problem." "You can't write a book about it when it's over." Sandy actually laughed, but she missed the humor. "I wouldn't think of it," he said. "He wants it in the contract." He stopped laughing, and scribbled something to that effect on the legal pad. "Anything else?" "Yes, you can expect your office and home to get wired. You should hire a surveillance expert to protect you. Patrick is willing to pay for this." "Done." "And it will be best if we don't meet here again. There are people trying to find me, because they think I can lead them to the money. So we'll me...
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