Patricks second session with him lasted for two hours

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Unformatted text preview: archman prison or in a federal facility?" Jaynes asked. It was obvious it didn't make any difference to him. "I'm sure Patrick has an opinion on the matter," Parrish said, and got a few weak grins. T.L. especially liked the deal because he would become the sole remaining prosecutor. Mast and the FBI would make a hasty exit from the case. There was a gap, and he decided to shove Mast a bit closer to the edge of the cliff. "I have no doubt Patrick will serve time, at Parchman," he said helpfully. Mast wouldn't go quietly. He shook his head and frowned gravely. "I don't know," he said. "I think we look bad if we do this. You can't rob a bank, then get caught, then offer to give the money back if the charges are dropped. Justice is not for sale." "It's a bit more complicated than that," Sprawling said. "We suddenly have bigger fish to catch, and Lanigan is the key. The money he stole was contaminated. We're simply retrieving it and returning it to the taxpayers." Mast wasn't about to argue with Sprawling. Jaynes looked at T.L. Parrish and said, "With all due respect, Mr. Parrish, could I ask you to step outside for just a moment. Us federal boys need to discuss something." "Sure," Parrish said. He walked to the door and stepped into the hallway. Enough of the chitchat. It was time for Sprawling to close the deal. "Gentlemen, it's very simple. There are some very important people in the White House who are watching things closely. Senator Nye has never been a friend of the President's, and, frankly, a good scandal down here would make the administration happy. Nye's up for reelection in two years. These allegations will keep him busy. And if they're true, then he's dead." "We'll do the investigation," Jaynes said to Mast. "And you'll get to prosecute." It was suddenly obvious to Mast that this meeting was for his benefit. The decision to cut a deal with Patr...
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