Pepper showed up not long after i arrived i cooked a

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Unformatted text preview: r of the details. "About the money, how much is your client willing to return?" "All of it." "All of it being?" "All ninety million." "What about interest?" "Who cares about interest?" "We do." "Why?" "Well, it's only fair." "Fair to whom?" "Uh, the taxpayers." Sandy practically laughed at him. "Come on. You guys work for the federal government. Since when do you worry about protecting the taxpayers?" "It's standard in cases involving theft and embezzlement," Maurice Mast added. "How much?" Sandy asked. "At what rate?" "Prime is nine percent," Sprawling said. "That would be fair, I think." "Oh you do? What does the IRS pay when it determines I've paid too much and it sends me a refund?" No one could answer. "Six percent," Sandy said. "Six lousy percent is what the government pays." Sandy, of course, had had the benefit of planning this. He had anticipated the questions and had crafted the answers, and it was enormous fun watching them squirm as they tried to catch up. "So, are you offering six percent?" Sprawling asked. His words were careful and slow. "Of course not. We have the money; we'll determine how much we'll pay. It's the same principle used by the government. We figure the money'll simply go back into the black hole at the Pentagon." "We can't control that," Jaynes said. He was already tired and in no mood for a lecture. "Here's the way we see the money," Sandy said. "It would've been lost entirely, paid to some very slick crooks and Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, never seen again. My client prevented this, has held the money, and is now willing to return it." "So we give him a reward?" asked Jaynes. "No. Just back off the interest." "We have to sell thi...
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